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Armenian Duduk (Instrument)

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Armenian Duduk (Instrument)
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$100.00 / $60/USD
The authentic Armenian duduk, wind instrument.

This musical instrument has been called the magical wooden oboe of Armenia. For the first time in the US, you can purchase authentic duduks from Armenia at a reasonable cost. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will assist you in your search of the Armenian duduk.

Are the duduks you sell authentic?
Yes! Each duduk is handpicked by musician and president of American Recording Productions - Ara Topouzian, this instrument is made out of apricot wood and intended for both the amateur and professional musician. We have sold hundreds of these instruments to people that want to give a gift of Armenia to someone and we have sold them to professional classical woodwind musicians. Don't be taken in by inferior duduks at outrageous prices.

Does the duduk come with a reed?
Each duduk comes with one free reed (extra reeds can be easily ordered for $10.00 each)

How long are the duduks?
The size of each duduk we sell is approximately 13-14 inches with nine holes (8 holes and a thumb hole). the reeds are approximately 4 1/2 inches long. Please note that all duduks are handmade in Armenia, therefore the size of each instrument varies by usually no more than 1 inch. Due to the nature of this instrument, we can not guarantee an exact size of the instrument.

What are the instruments tuned to?
Again, each duduk varies in length, but most are tuned to the key of 'LA' (as in Do-re-me)

Do you sell any instruction books on playing the duduk?
We sell a beginners instruction booklet which includes tips on holding the instrument, blowing through the reed, and simple fingering. This book is not intended for the professional musician. Unfortunately, no book exists on the complete art of playing the duduk. We recommend that you listen to music and experiment with the instrument on your own.

How do I care for the duduks?
Each duduk is initially coated in a light oil to keep the instrument in great playing condition. You can rub almond oil lightly on the instrument to keep the wood in good shape.

Additional History of the Armenian Duduk...
The duduk has a warm, soft, slightly nasal timbre and is used in both Armenian folk songs and dance music. The tuning is
untempered and diatonic, though chromatic notes can be performed by partially covering the finger holes. The double reed is a
slit-tube-like reed. In the Armenian language, the cane used to make the duduk reed is referred to as ramish or yegheg and grows plentifully along the Arax River. Please do not confuse the duduk with the mey, which are two totally different instruments made in different countries.

The duduk is an Armenian wind instrument. It originated before the time of Christ, and has maintained its basic design throughout the centuries. Today, it continues to be played as a classic folkloric instrument in the music ensembles of Armenia. Neighboring countries and cultures play a very similar instrument, called "mey"* and "balaban" but the style of playing and the tone of those instruments are markedly different from the sound of the duduk.

The tone of the duduk is somewhat similar to that of a soprano saxophone. However, the duduk is much smaller in size and is a double-reed instrument, whereas the soprano saxophone is a single reed instrument with a higher range of tones.
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